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Zoovolution is a safe and entertaining online world where kids and teens learn about endangered animals and can role play in an effort to do their part to make a difference. Kids often include role play in their every day activities (serving tea to their dolls, or being a policeman or fireman ) as a part of their natural learning process. Role playing also encourages active use of their imagination. Zoovolution introduces kids to real world problems that can affect their future while immersing them in a safe ad entertaining online world that fires the imagination.

While kids and teens alike can play mini-games, explore Zoovolution Island and hang out with their friends (or make new ones), one of the primary goals of the online game is to adopt and take care of baby endangered animals. Our motto at Zoovolution is "Be Aware and Care". By making children aware of various endangered species, and then allowing them to learn about the species by carrying for the animal in our virtual world, kids learn to care not only about their online animals, but for their pet's real world counterparts.

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