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2D Flash MMO

Zoovolution's 2D MMO is in open beta stage at the moment. Featuring rich art, a wide range of fashion, furniture and pet articles in a virtual in-game economy engine. An advanced toolset that not only allows our games to have a virtual economy and currency connected to real money and game points, but also allow us to integrate and supply the same virtual in-game virtual economy for games made for other IP’s.


The broad range of platforms supported makes the Zoovolution3D experience available both at school, at work, at home and on the go. We are especially excited about the possibilities that opens up with advanced mobile phones and media players – where full 3D enable the same rich gaming experience as on a computer or console, while advanced server technology let us push updates to the handset and keep gamers up-to-date even when they are not actively playing.

iphone application

A Zoovolution based iPhone game is in development.  It is expected to be available for purchase in the iTunes App store by October 09. It will be possible to create a Mac and PC downloadable versions of all games in addition to the iPhone version since the games are being developed in Unity.